Pioneer work in soft ice cream

LUNA soft ice cream and milk shake machines – leading technology, past and present

In 1958 the Ruckdeschel family, owners of the IREKS GmbH from Kulmbach, first imported soft ice cream machines from America to Germany. Only a few years later in 1962, LUMEN GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of IREKS and the further development of soft ice cream machines took its course. This was the beginning of a corporate success story.

LUNA soft ice cream machines are the result of superior engineering skills

Right from the very beginning, LUNA soft ice cream machines were characterised by the fact that fresh, top quality soft ice cream could be produced in perfect hygienic conditions. Today this is still the case thanks to the pasteurisation process in the ice cream machine. LUNA soft ice cream machines are the result of excellent engineering skills and food technology.

Ongoing innovations have led us to advanced technology

We have continuously enhanced our technology over the years and have further developed it with numerous patents. Apart from the soft ice cream machines, milk shake machines also belong to our product portfolio today. These too are developed and produced by us. We are pleased to be able to say today that LUNA technology has made it possible for us to firmly establish ourselves in the market with our successful high-quality branded soft ice cream and milk shake products.