Sales and marketing support for our system partners

Learn more about the advantages of the comprehensive carefree package

Thousands of customers use our technology and know-how when it comes to soft ice cream and soft ice cream machines. But LUMEN offers you as the operator of a soft ice cream machine much more than top-grade technology and the right ice cream recipe:

As a system partner you also receive a much more comprehensive premium service:

1. Use of successful brand concepts

System partners can use our successful brand concepts LunaMil or Romeo & Giulia for their own sales success.

2. Sales and marketing support

Apart from location-related technology, you as a system partner receive professional sales and marketing support for soft ice cream and milk shakes. We support our system partners by means of targeted advertising measures, stand designs, training and much more. This increases your success potential.

If you are also interested in our premium service offer, learn here what benefits you have as a system partner and how to become one: Lunamil System.