Patented technology ensures highest quality

Benefit from leading soft ice cream technology

LUNA soft ice cream machines work according to a unique patented principle. The special feature of these devices is their pasteurisation system that can not only heat up the ice cream mixture to 73°C approx, but also cool it down to below 5° C. Due to the complete pasteurisation of the ice cream mixture in the ice cream machine, the soft ice cream is produced in absolutely perfect hygiene conditions.

LUNA soft ice cream machines ensure absolute hygiene

Even the dispensing unit is integrated into the pasteurisation process and is therefore also heated. That means: The soft ice cream machine needs not be emptied or cleaned “after close of business”, but remains in standby mode over night. The ice cream mixture remaining in the machine is cooled down to below 5° C during this time for preservation purposes.

If the pasteurisation process is run overnight, sales can be resumed as normal the next day.

Manual emptying and cleaning of the machine is only necessary after 6/8 weeks and is carred out by our trained LUNA personnel.