Great pleasure to drink

The LUNA milk shake machines L 07 HL/W S

The LUNA milk shake machine L 07 HL/W S, which is equipped with the same proven LUNA technology, is just as powerful as our ice cream machines. With an air addition of 40 to 70 % depending on the shake mixture, you as the operator can sell about 120 portions of 0.3l each per hour. With the device for automatic syrup application you can offer your customers a total of four different flavours.

Special model features

Touch screen:
Operation of the LUNA milk shake machine is even easier* with the touch screen. You can have all important data displayed automatically: Device status, filling level of the machine, number of portions sold and much more. Details here

Remote control technology for system partners
Irrespective of the location, you can have the operating status of your milk shake machine permanently analysed by us within the scope of our comprehensive service package. This increases the operational reliability of your machine and hence also your sales volume potential. Details here

Equipment variants

Basic model "L" - Air cooling:
Depending on requirements for stationary and mobile locations with air cooling –Details here

Basic model "W" - water cooling
For use in stationary locations e.g. indoors, particularly low noise with water cooling - details here

Self service option:
As an option, your LUNA milk shake machine can be equipped for self service operation. Buying milk shake becomes an experience for your customers. Your staff is relieved of routine tasks. Further advantages and details here

Coin-operated option:
Extended self service operation is a very efficient option for you as the operator, as your milk shake machine also takes care of payment. For this purpose the machine can be equipped with a coin operated option. You determine the currency! Details here