LUNA milk shake machines communicate by SMS

Remote control technology – extended service for our system partners

Irrespective of the location, you as a system partner can have the operating status of your milk shake machine permanently analysed by us. Modern remote control technology (GSM technology) makes this possible. This is a way for you as the operator and system partner to improve the operational reliability of your milk shake machine, thus substantially increasing your potential sales volume.

Wherever a mobile phone works, your milk shake machine is able to communicate with the centre responsible for your location by SMS. A PLC (Programmable Logic Control) forms the central organ of remote control technology.

The operationing behaviour of your milk shake machine is thus transmitted to our experts at regular intervals for analysis. In many cases, appropriate remedial action can be taken before faults actually occur.

Advantages for you as a system partner:


  • Few failures: breakdowns can often be avoided
  • Increased availability of your milk shake machine
  • No travel expenses for service technicians
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Online software update