Long operational life – low operating costs

The heart of our technology makes your business profitable

The heart of our technology is a sophisticated pressurisation system. Because: LUNA soft ice cream machines work as a hermetically sealed unit including both the tank and the freezing cylinder, which are pressurised as long as they are in use. Only filtered air is used to make creamy LunaMil soft ice cream. Dirt and dust are excluded.

The closed system consisting of tank and freezing cylinder is made of top-quality stainless steel. A special polishing method prevents ice cream mixture residues from sticking to the surface.

Your benefits:

  • Special hygiene: The air required for whipping is always filtered. Dirt and dust have no access to the machine.
  • Constant consumption – high profit margins: The pressurisation system ensures controlled air whipping of the soft ice cream over the entire operational life of the machine. This means a steady ice cream mixture usage at all times. You, as the operator, can expect consistent profit margins.
  • Lower costs – longer service life – less wear: Thanks to the pressurisation system, LUNA soft ice cream machines do not require any moving parts such as pumps or suchlike, which are always subject to wear. Expensive spare parts are thus rarely needed: You thus permanently reduce costs and benefit over the entire operational life.