High-tech standard for milk shake sales

Touch screen operation ensures the easy operation of your device

The touch screen is a piece of particularly innovative equipment for our high-tech model L 07 H L/W S. It makes everyday use easier for you as the operator, because it now communicates with you in the language you choose. Operation is therefore even easier and is self-explanatory.

Your advantages as the operator:

Brief instruction – less faults: In the case of frequently changing staff, new employees can operate the shake machine after only very brief instructions, because the machine always indicates what needs to be done. Operating errors can thus be largely ruled out. The touch screen ensures increased operating comfort and higher product reliability.

Checks at any time: With the touch screen, you as the operator automatically have an important means of control that reliably provides information about the number of portions, temperature changes etc. by means of accurate diagnosis and analysis.

The touch screen offers the following display options:

Device status
Is everything OK? What is the current status?
In a matter of seconds you can check the current status of your LUNA milk shake machine by means of an easy to understand colour system on the touch screen. If the display prompts action, the flashing only stops after completion.

Filling level display
Is there still enough shake mixture in the tank or does it need filling up?
When the message "Fill up mixture", appears on the display, you have enough time to act. There is still enough mixture in the machine for about 40 portions of 0.2 l each. There is even an option to display the number of portions remaining before the message "Filling level stop" is displayed. Only when this reserve has been used up does the message "Filling level Stop", appear, which automatically blocks the dispensing function until the milk shake mixture has been filled up. Fresh milk shakes can be dispensed from the machine 1 or 2 minutes later. Your sales can therefore carry on almost without interruption.

Temperature data
The temperature of the LUNA milk shake machine can always be checked:
The touch screen on the LUNA milk shake machine provides information as to whether all temperature data of the shake mix are correct. Temperature plays an important role in milk shake production with regard to hygiene. Therefore, LUNA milk shake machines store detailed data records of pasteurising and protection processes for documentation purposes. You can check all temperature data at any time using the touch screen. This makes it easier for you to adhere to your duty of care, because all temperature data can be called up without any gaps.

Portion figures
You can calculate your profit in advance and control sales:
The touch screen gives you a constant overview of the number of milk shake portions already dispensed from the machine. At the "press of a button" you receive information as to how many portions have been sold at any particular time or how many portions have been sold over the last 7 days.
The shake mix used and the proceeds are always available for an instant comparison. You are therefore able to monitor your profit at a very early stage.

Product consistency
Perfect consistency of the milk shake is adjustable "at the press of a button":
LUNA milk shake machines allow individual control of the consistency of the product. It can be easily adjusted via the display. Only when the consistency is right is the milk shake as smooth and fresh as it is supposed to be. The milk shakes you produce will therefore always have a wonderfully fresh taste – just as your customers like it.

Multiple language option
The touch screen speaks many languages – learn which ones here:
LUNA milk shake machines are now in use all over the world, as we now export to Austria, Belgium, CzechRepublic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
To meet the requirements of the ever-growing list of international customers, the touch screen of the LUNA milk shake machines can be operated in many different languages. It speaks the preferred language of country of use almost everywhere in the world.