Benefit 7-fold

LUNA soft ice cream machines boost your sales

A small space is enough

LUNA soft ice cream machines can boost your sales, even in the smallest sales room

High-output sales

LUNA soft ice cream machines are easy to maintain, so that the main focus is always on sales

Top quality and first-class hygiene

Ice cream quality you can taste is not a matter of chance – it is the result of LUNA’s 50 years of experience

The heart of the ice cream machine

LUNA soft ice cream machines represent the highest level of hygiene. They do not allow any ambient air or dirt to penetrate

Consistent consumption

LUNA soft ice cream machines work with a consistant consumption and constant profit margins…

Easy operation

Re-filling the ice cream mixture into the LUNA soft ice cream machine takes up much less time than the filling a sales shelf

Service and safety

We are specialists when it comes to soft ice cream production and technology– Our customers benefit from this because we provide great reliability and excellent service