Coin-operated option

The pre-paid milk shake machine

Upgraded self service operation is an efficient option for you as the operator, as your milk shake machine also takes care of payment. You can only dispense from the machine after paying. A side-mounted coin machine can process tokens and also coins. You determine the currency.

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Technical Data
Width 415 mm
Height 1440 mm
Depth 770 mm
Clearance for air outlet at back 95 mm
Clearance for air intake at side 100 mm
Weigth Air cooling
260 kg
Weigth Water cooling 255 kg
Electric supply
3 / N / Pe ~ 50 Hz
16 A CEE Plug
Nominal voltage
400 V
Capacity Air cooling
2,6 kW
Capacity Water cooling 2,4 kW
Electric supply
16 A delay fusen